The amount of monthly dues is decided by the Local #145 union members.

Local #145’s members pay for the cost of doing business through the payment of membership dues. A percentage of your monthly dues is forwarded to the United Association office in accordance with the UA Constitution. The remaining monies stay in the local union treasury.

Your dues maintain:

  • the union office
  • staff salaries
  • administrative costs

Union dues are adjusted in accordance with the local union by-laws determined annually by the officers of the Plumbers & Pipefitters Executive Board each November for the following year.

Every attempt is made by the Local #145’s Business Manager and the Executive Board to maintain organization costs at a minimum, and to keep membership dues at the lowest possible amount.

Strict accounting of funds is required and expenditures are subject to approval of the Executive Board.

Monthly Dues

Your monthly dues are to be paid on a monthly basis; however, if you wish to pay three months at a time or yearly that is acceptable. Dues may be paid by cash, check, or money order.

Monthly Membership Dues are:

$40.00 Journeymen

$40.00 Apprentice

$40.00 Metal Trades

$26.00 Retiree

$10.00 40-49 Year Retirees

Member Initiation Fees

You will be initiated into Local #145 within the first 45 days if you are an apprentice and within the first 90 days if you are a journeyman. Your initiation fee will be $40.00, one month’s dues of $40.00, State Registration fee of $30.00 (apprentices only), and death benefit of $20.00. Re-initiation fee to be determined by the Executive Board.

$20.00 Death Benefit Assessments on an as-needed basis

Our office

Google Map of 3168 Pipe Court  Grand Junction, CO 81504

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #145
3168 Pipe Court
Grand Junction, CO 81504
Office - 970-245-2012
Fax - 970-241-5950
Email - frontdesk@local145

Page last modified: May 24, 2022