The National Pension Fund gives United Association Members, their spouses, and families a basic financial plan that keeps working through a lifetime. This fund is one of the largest Labor-Management pension plans in the United States. Benefits are guaranteed by the U.S. Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation.

The National Pension Fund is a real pension plan with over $10 billion in assets – not just a tax-deferred savings plan such as 401K. Your employer pays a labor contract-negotiated, set hourly amount into your pension account for each and every hour worked.

The National Pension offers numerous was to qualify for a guaranteed monthly lifetime retirement benefit for each year vested. You become vested when you have at least five service credits. You can earn one credit in one calendar year, provided you have worked at least 1,000 hours in that calendar year.


Local #145 offers a tax-deferred 401K Savings Plan for the benefit of our members who wish to supplement their retirement income.

The 401K plan is called “Colorado Pipe Industry Annuity and Salary Deferral Trust Fund”. This Annuity is administered by:

Fringe Benefit Services
1000 North Broadway, Ste. 106
Denver, CO 80221-0240

Participants may contribute in 50 cent increments up to a $5.00 per hour maximum. Members have a choice of nine different investment opportunities. In addition, participants can roll-over another retirement savings account into this plan.

A member who works for a participating contractor may enroll in this plan at any time. A participant may choose to increase or decrease their contribution amount once a year or at time of dispatch.

Additional information may be obtained from the Local #145 office.

Death Benefit

The Death Benefit Fund was established prior to January 01, 1977. To be eligible, a member must be in good standing with the Death Benefit Fund at the time of death. Death Benefits are due and payable within (30) thirty days of billing and are payable before monthly dues. No Death Benefit shall be disbursed to a members’ beneficiary, unless the members’ Death Benefit is paid current. No member shall be exempt from paying Death Benefits.

Upon proof of death of any member who is eligible, a sum of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) shall be paid to the person designated as beneficiary on the “Beneficiary of Burial Expense” form filed at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #145 office, unless some other beneficiary is specially designated, in writing, properly signed and witnessed.

Our office

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Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #145
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