You and your dependents are eligible for coverage for one hourly rate under our plan. Dependents are classified as your wife and biological children, or child (children) that you have legally adopted. You will become eligible for health care benefits, (health insurance, prescription drugs, and vision insurance), after you have worked 300 hours in a period of 2 months, plus one lag month, (this allows time for receipt of your employer’s report).

Example: If in January and February you worked 150 hours each month, you would have a total of 300 hours. Your lag month will be March and your insurance coverage will start April 1st.

Upon Eligibility, you will receive enrollment forms and in-depth information on the plans.

Each month 140 hours are deducted from your reported hours for the health and welfare premium. The balance of your reported work hours are put into your “Hour Bank” This hour bank allows previously worked hours to be used for those times that you may be unemployed or have not reached the required 140 hours for the month. You may have a maximum of 840 hours banked, which is equivalent to 6 months of coverage.

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